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Coup de Grâce (1976 film) Review

Schlondorff took the Yourcenar’s novel to make another of his literary adaptations to create an excellent film. Love the acting! Matthias Habich felt a little stiff, but Margarethe von Trotta’s acting was passionate.


This movie seems to understand pretty well that the terrifying collapse of many people lives into a sort of unpredictable wildness and ambiguity. It shows the torture of personal relationships obscured by the brutality of that meaningless war, joining love and death in one history, in a way never seen or thought before. It’s a little hard to watch, but it is worthy.
My biggest critic of this film is the language and subtitles. I understand the movie was made in French and German, and that is ok for me. But why are subtitles white if the movie was filmed in a winter white environment? I could not read a single word in many scenes. For people who don’t speak those languages, this technical error was really annoying, subtracting points in the score of this movie.

Most Challenging Place to Do Kayak Fishing

Some of life’s greatest adventures include a kayak or a fishing rod. But putting these two hobbies together can be a rewarding, yet challenging experience.

First, one must determine what kind of kayak they would like to play in, whether it be a larger lake or river, or even saltwater fishing on the surf. Some of the most challenging places to kayak fish are places most people may never dare to venture to. A very common term used frequently among kayak fishermen is “kayak angling”.


If the show Kayak Fishing with Jim Sammons had a Coup de Grace episode, it will surely feature these places because they are challenging but very rewarding. Reading fishing kayak reviews can help give you an idea on what to use.

One of the first spots that comes to mind is Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. Three separate bay areas with over 4,000 square miles to cover are a vast landscape for beginners and experts alike. Beginners can check out bestkayaks.reviews for good recommendations for beginners. A unique estuary setting, salt water fishing and freshwater fishing come together to produce striped bass, stripers, tautog, and various other diverse fishing. Dodging other boats, fierce winds from the ocean, low tide and high tide and coastal storms can prove to be quite a challenge to even the most experienced anglers.

Moving along, the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest smallmouth bass populations in the world, along with muskellunge (muskies), and even more commonly rainbow trout. Roughly 450 miles of river to fish along helps to have a diverse range of fishing spots, and in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania during the springtime runoff one can encounter a Class III rapid for a whitewater experience.


Finally, one can regale at fishing in the Devils River State Natural Area if a person wants to get off the beaten path in the Rio Grande watershed. Considered to be the most pristine and untouched water body in Texas, it is a strenuous drive/hike in with limited cell reception. Rations are recommended to be carried in and out. The water is situated in a Karst environment which is spring-fed, allowing for the water to clean itself. Several Class II and Class III rapids add to the excitement and when water levels rise the singular Class IV rapid “Three Tier Rapids” can move up to a Class V rapid. The remote location would allow for a truly wild experience. Kayak fishing presents challenges for even the most experienced outdoorsman, and in the case of Devils River, could mean the difference between a rewarding meal by the fire or an empty belly. You’ll need a high quality kayak for this one, visit reliable reviews for best kayaks.