Coup de Grâce (1976 film) Review

Schlondorff took the Yourcenar’s novel to make another of his literary adaptations to create an excellent film. Love the acting! Matthias Habich felt a little stiff, but Margarethe von Trotta’s acting was passionate.


This movie seems to understand pretty well that the terrifying collapse of many people lives into a sort of unpredictable wildness and ambiguity. It shows the torture of personal relationships obscured by the brutality of that meaningless war, joining love and death in one history, in a way never seen or thought before. It’s a little hard to watch, but it is worthy.
My biggest critic of this film is the language and subtitles. I understand the movie was made in French and German, and that is ok for me. But why are subtitles white if the movie was filmed in a winter white environment? I could not read a single word in many scenes. For people who don’t speak those languages, this technical error was really annoying, subtracting points in the score of this movie.

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